Technology Progresses Art and Marketing, But Humans Stay the Same

The annual best wildlife photography was announced recently, and it’s stunning.

What struck me most, however, wasn’t the animals. (No, not even the cartoonishly-scared groundhog running on two legs from a coyote.)

No, I felt most impressed by how the photos themselves reflect the state of image capture technology. Which directly relates to how you tell your OWN story.

Even someone as young as 10 can now take a photo that looks like it belongs in National Geographic.

This probably isn’t a surprise: my humble iPhone SE takes better photos than my expensive Canon camera from 2005.

So what does any of this have to do with marketing?

Well, if you’ve been around for a few years…

(And, according to Hilary Weiss, marketing years are like dog years because this industry moves so fast)

…then you know how hard & expensive it was to do email marketing automation even in 2011 or 2012.

But today? Automations are brain-dead-simple (and even free).

So marketers are using automations like crazy, which means it’ll take something different than delivering emails automatically to connect with the humans reading our messages.

As tech like machine learning, big data, and AI reach consumer pricing, we’ll see a lot of marketers preaching

But don’t confuse new marketing tech for cultural progression. Consumers are getting sick of cheap marketing tactics and carnival tricks faster than ever.

So how can you use new tech to tie into the old, deep feelings every human experiences? That’s the real trick to increasing the macro-scale conversion journey.

(Because if you’re focused only on the short-term scale, you’re only going to have short-term profits.)


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