Is There Another Terminal?

Have you ever arrived at the airport, only to find the security line is an hour (or more) long?

You’re not alone. Security clearance is the longest, least efficient part of traveling. Since everyone has to do it, it’s a major bottleneck for travelers. What if there was another way?

Flight scheduling makes the problem worse. Airlines often schedule their flights close to each other, so you might see swells of security lines. Everyone arrives at the terminal for their flights at the same time, creating a long line for that terminal.

But what if there were another way? One that rewarded you for thinking a little differently?

Here’s a secret: there’s usually another terminal. Since the line is off schedule – and since there isn’t an influx of passengers all trying to get the same flights at the same time as you – the line is usually shorter.

This happened to me recently. I arrived at Oakland International for a 7am Southwest flight. The security line was 90 minutes long. And I hate waiting in line.

I approached a TSA agent and asked, “is there another terminal that connects?” He told me there was. After a 3 minute walk, I was at a completely empty security line. Less that seven minutes after seeing the long line, I was through security.

Is there another terminal for your career? A counterintuitive way to prepare for professional life most people don’t (or won’t) see? Something that gets you the same result in less time?

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