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In my experience, English Majors have a hard time writing in a simple way. Complicated prose, unnecessary verbosity, and difficult sentence structure seem to be the norm.

(It’s what we read in our academic journal articles, so it is only natural we would copy what we see. It might also be a reflection of our insecurity since we want to appear intelligent and fear simple writing is “dumb”.)

A writer must overcome those bad habits in the workplace.

Unlearning years of academic training can be difficult.

Clear, simple writing is about to get a lot easier.

I’d like to introduce Hemingway, a simple, free tool designed to help your writing become bold and clear.

Looking past the problematic aspects of his life, Hemingway was a fine writer. His prose is synonymous with clarity and brevity.

The Hemingway Editor analyzes and rates your readability, sentence difficulty, and simplicity.

It also checks for passive voice.



It isn’t perfect for every application. But it has trained me to write better.

(At least in my opinion.)

Visit Hemingwayapp.com to learn more. Your future employer will be glad you did.


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