This English Major Job Pays Up to $78,700 per Year… And It’s Available to Recent Grads

This week, a friend in an Master of Library Information Science (MLIS) program forwarded a very interesting email to me.

In case you aren’t familiar, MLIS degrees are a perfect option for English Majors who want a master’s degree but want to pivot into non-literature studies.

Anyway, here’s the news: one of the local city library locations is expanding its hours and hiring new librarians.

Unfortunately, I can’t share the exact job posting here, but I can tell you this. This job:

  • Is full-time
  • Offers benefits
  • Has a salary range of $64,700 to $78,700 per year

Wow. That’s more than most grade-school teachers will ever make. (Same with the many university instructors who will never get tenure.)

The best part? The job is open to students finishing their MLIS degrees. That means individuals who haven’t even finished their programs yet are eligible to begin a high-paying job even before they graduate.

This isn’t uncommon. Smart employers – the ones who value their employees most – often begin hiring well before graduation. This is so they can snatch up the best candidates before anyone else has the opportunity.

Want a job like this? Applicants need to meet two important qualifications:

  1. They need to be enrolled in an MLIS program and graduate by May
  2. They need to have experience working in a library

As far as the first qualification goes, getting an MLIS degree is faster and more convenient than many other graduate programs. You can get an MLIS online while working full-time, and it costs less than $20,000. That’s a great return-on-investment for a grad program.

The second qualification is one you can begin working on as an undergrad. Get a job in your university library. If you can’t get a job, volunteer for 5-10 hours per week and build a relationship with whoever’s in charge of hiring.

Remember, you don’t need to wait after graduation to get experience.

If you do wait, it might be too late.

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