Better Days Ahead.

Careers as we know it are about to end. But for the prepared, that’s good news because it means there’s still (barely) enough time to learn how to get paid more, do work you love, and feel peace in an uncertain world.

$1997 Earlybird Price!


Develop Your Mindset

Feel more confident in your future… even in troubled economies


Get Seen by Recruiters

Use modern tools to develop in-demand skills and find awesome jobs


Craft "Perfect" Applications

Learn how to get in your future employer’s head and land more interviews


Time Needed:
4 Weeks

Self-paced videos, exercises, and resources delivered in a convenient format

What’s in the course?

The Get an Awesome Job Course provides 4-weeks of videos, exercises, and worksheets to help you advance your career, make more money, and do work that matters.

Who should take it?

Get an Awesome Job Course helps anyone who wants to get paid more and do more meaningful work at any stage of their career. But it’s especially helpful for those trying to pivot, get a promotion, or find a better gig.

How do I take it?

The entire Get an Awesome Job Course is available anywhere you have an internet connection via your web browser or the Kajabi mobile app. You’ll also get personalized advice via email and/or Zoom.

Is it a lot of work?

The Get an Awesome Job Course is designed to be consumed in about 8 hours of your time. However, the worksheets, exercises, and other activities can be done again and again every time you want a better job.

When does it begin?

The moment you enroll, you’ll get full access to the entire Get an Awesome Job Course materials. You’ll also receive a weekly email with suggested lessons and activities to keep you moving forward.

Why is this necessary?

Most job-hunting strategies taught in school are based on outdated advice and put all the power in the employers’ hands. This course shows you how to take ownership of your career and feel optimistic about your prospects. 

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The Timeline Has Advanced

The experts, economists, and data all agree: the pandemic has killed the traditional 40-year career once and for all. 

Most people are completely unprepared for the coming storm. Millions more will lose their jobs and struggle to pay the bills. 

But for those who learn advanced, persuasion-driven career strategies, there’s more freedom and good living in the future.

This is made possible through the project approach, a new way to view job hunting.

How the project approach can save your income… even during a depression

There’s a way ahead. If you can learn how to craft applications that stand out from massive piles of resumes…

Communicate your experience and accomplishments (not just your job titles)…

Show that you have up-to-date, in-demand skills…

…then you’re not only going to be fine, you’ll thrive

In fact, when you learn the method I’ve developed over years of research and experience, you’ll even be in a position to turn down work that doesn’t interest you.

Struggling to get interviews or find a better job? Maybe it’s not your fault.

Even if you have a great resume, it’s common to feel frustrated, discouraged, or even depressed about your chances of a getting a job – especially when there’s so much going on around you.

Why? Because most of us have been taught the exact wrong way to apply for jobs.

In fact, none of your teachers ever taught you the right way to get a job.

And now… when the working world feels so unpredictable… it’s more urgent than ever you learn the RIGHT way to apply.

Here’s what you were probably told:

  • Get experience
  • Use action words on your resume
  • Apply for as many jobs as possible

Sound familiar? 

This advice… is completely WRONG. 

You could have great experience, use “action words” on your resume, follow all sorts of tips and tricks… and still end up not getting a serious offer. 

It’s why you hear so many stories like, “I knew someone who applied for 100 jobs and didn’t get a single offer!”

But there’s good news: you can un-learn the “bad habits” you were taught in school… and learn how to get more interviews for better jobs, fast! (Even if it feels like the world is falling apart.)

Here’s How the Get An Awesome Job Course Helps You Transform Your Career

It’s no longer enough to view your career as a series of job titles. To truly stand out, you need to take a project approach to your work. And you need to know just how many amazing jobs are out there… and which skills you need to land them. 

The Get An Awesome Job Course walks you through every step of this transformation from someone waiting to get picked by an employer, to someone who’s in complete control of your career.


Mindset Shift

This new way of approaching your career reflects the changing nature of work. Whether you’ve done contract-based work or had full-time employment, you’ll see your experience in an empowering way. And you’ll feel positive about your future.

Tested, Proven Methods

Every beta tester who used these methods got 4 times as many job interviews. Even during difficult economies, this will help you stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.


Support and Guidance

When you enroll, you’ll also qualify for a bonus resume review. This will give you personalized, specific guidance on how you can become a better applicant.


Lifelong value

Every raise you get now compounds into higher career earnings for life. On average, people using this system have increased their annual incomes by 5-10%… and some have seen even higher jumps.

A Smarter Approach Yields Better Results

It’s simple math: more interviews means more job offers. And more job offers means you can be selective and choose the work you find truly meaningful (and that pays well).


More Interviews


Average Interview Rate

(National average: 20%)

With the methods in this course

What's in the Get An Awesome Job Course?

  1. Welcome – How to take this course
  2. [Video] Overview of the Get an Awesome Job Process
  3. How to Get Your FREE Resume/Cover Letter Review
  4. Download the “Perfect Cover Letter” and “Perfect Resume” Templates
  1. Welcome: Mindset Intro & Worksheets
  2. An Urgent Message About Your Employment Prospects
  3. You Need to Give Yourself Permission to Get the Job
  4. Focus on the Employer’s Needs
  5. Get a Behind the Scenes Look at the Process
  6. You Need to Know What to Say
  7. Irrelevant Experience Will Make You Fail – Hard
  8. An Ironclad Way to Impress Employers
  9. Why Academic Writing Will Make You Look Like a Hack
  10. How to Stop Feeling Like a Liar
  11. Permission to Be an Expert
  12. The Controversial Truth About Money
  13. A Common, Dangerous Career Myth
  14. The Last, Most Important Piece of Mindset Advice
  15. Mindset Recap
  16. Mindset Additional Resources
  17. Practical Exercises to Develop an Empowering Mindset
  1. Identifying Skills Employers Want: Intro & Worksheets
  2. Stop Looking for Your “Career Soulmate”
  3. What You Need to Know About Choosing a Career
  4. Three Approaches to Getting a Job (And Which is Best)
  5. Make Your Employers Feel Safe to Solve Their Problems
  6. How to Know What Job Titles to Search
  7. Discovering the Latest In-Demand Job Skills
  8. Using Digital Tools to Make Finding Job Skills Easier
  9. How to Define Your Personal Brand and Be More Attractive to Employers
  10. How to Learn Brand New Skills with No Experience
  11. Identifying and Developing Skills Recap
  1.  Finding & Applying for Jobs: Intro
  2. It’s the Skills, Not the Job Titles, That Matter
  3. How to Get a Year of Experience Without Really Trying
  4. Research the Kinds of Companies You Want to Work For
  5. Setting Up Job Alerts on Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn
  6. Writing a Job Application That Gets an Interview
  7. My Qualifications as a Resume Coach
  8. Getting in the Minds of Hiring Managers
  9. Writing the Resume
  10. How to Write a Great Cover Letter
  11. Video: Writing a Resume and Cover Letter in Real-Time (That Got Me an Interview)
  12. Video: Fixing a Cover Letter in Just a Few Minutes
  13. All About Job Interviews
  14. The Big Secret About Cover Letters and Resumes
  15. Following Up After Submitting an Application
  16. Is It Better to Apply to Lots of Jobs, or Just a Few?
  17. Creating a Portfolio Website
  18. Applying for Jobs Recap
  1. Intro – The Rest of the Good Stuff
  2. Should You Blog?
  3. Should You Go to Grad School?
  4. What Minor Should I Pick?
  5. 41 Pain-Free Networking Tips
  6. When to Work for Free (And When NOT to Work for Free)
  7. How to Make $48,000/Year While Attending School
  8. What If You Don’t Like Your Job? All About Career Pivoting
  9. Learn how to write for professionals

Plus you’ll get access to our bonus mini-course, How the Pandemic Has Changed Careers Forever – And How to Adapt. This mini-course includes even more specific, actionable strategies to advance your career even during this weird, weird time.

Methods that Adapt to Every Career and Learning Style

Whether you prefer to read, watch, or do, this course is designed to be accessible and adapt to your needs. The methods taught in this course apply to nearly every career and industry.

In each module, there are:



to guide you through each simple-to-follow step



showing you exactly how to automate your job search, write a perfect resume, and more



where you can continue learning and improving your skills

Plus Get One-on-One Help

As an early mover for this course, you’ll get unprecedented access to me. Need help setting up your job alerts? Just email me. Wondering how you can make your applications more useful? Send me a text.

It’s my goal to empower you to truly improve your career and your life, so I’ll bend over backwards to make sure you’re feeling confident and know what to do next.

⭐️ 1-Year Guarantee ⭐️

Try the information in this guide for a year. If this information and our incredible support haven’t helped you feel more confident in your ability to get a better job, just ask for a refund. We’ll gladly comply without any hassles.

Summary: Here's what you get in the Get An Awesome Job Course

You’ll have everything you need to immediately begin taking action and advancing your career.

Here's What Students Say

I went from going months in between interview offers—even with massively glowing testimonials and reviews from freelance clients being broadcast—to getting 4 interviews offers after just 5 applications going off of Matt Hall's resume and cover letter template. I've been using your template for every application I sent out!
Dustin Saksek
Content Marketer
In the first 3 lessons of part one, you've already given them enough value to warrant the price. Those are the BIGGEST mistakes I saw time and time again when I was trying to hire people at Disney. Launch the thing, so many people need this.
Sorcha MacKenzie
Brand Strategist
This course provided practical advice and real-world examples that are applicable, even after graduation. The suggestions provided encouraging direction without being overbearing. It helped me to recognize different areas where my degree is valuable and applicable for not only finding a job, but finding a better job. Plus, the activities felt thought-provoking and didn't feel like busywork.
Kirsten Forsberg
UX Writer
Thanks for creating all these resources for creatives. I worked through a lot of the course's steps before graduating in May and ended up landing a job as a content writer for a national non-profit.
Matt Wood
Content Writer
No one had answered the question, how do I turn my writing skills into a career? Matt Hall answers the question. Not only have I begun to branch into lucrative freelance work myself, I recommend the course to every undergrad intern who comes through our doors.
Chris Cunningham
Content Director
This is the course I wish my teachers had given me in college. I love the idea that I don't have to be stuck in low-paying jobs for life. This course finally turns 'you can do anything with your degree' into practical, actionable advice.
Mika Mills
Graphic Designer

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