Lesson 7:

Go create the world

"U for Unicorn" float design by Bror Anders Wikstrom for the "Alphabet" theme, Krewe of Proteus, 1904: Carnival Collection, Louisiana Research Collection, Tulane University —Source (some potential restrictions on reuse).

While the info here probably hasn’t changed your life…

…I hope it’s changed how you see your work as a Designer.

First, I hope you see yourself as a Designer, whether you’re a graphic designer, copywriter, strategist, or somethig else. Anytime we’re deliberately trying to create an experience for our audience, we’re Designing.

Second, I hope you’re thinking about measuring your Design success in conversions. Your Designs should move your audience from one measurable state or place to another. And you should have the necessary technology in place to capture those measurable changes.

Finally, I hope you’re thinking bigger about your contributions to the world. The work we do as Designers? It’s powerful. It changes people. So we need to use that power ethically and morally.

  • We need to think about who’s using our Designs (viewing our UX, reading our copy, receiving our emails) and how their lives will be affected by our work
  • We need to be considerate of edge cases and humbly test our Designs and assumptions with real humans
  • And we need to push back and say “Nope, not Designing that” when our bosses or employers ask us to create something potentially harmful

We’re the ones Designing the world, and we’re the ones with the power to say “no.” It’s our responsibility and our duty. And if enough of us talented people who care about our craft push back and don’t Design harmful things, guess what? The only people left to make bad stuff will be crummy designers.

Think bigger. Think about your work and who it affects. Think about how your work can be more effective through conversion design principles. And think about how you can continuously improve your skills.

We need it.

That’s it for this mini-course!

If you got any value out of this, please forward it to someone who might care. I want as many Designers as possible to see the potential we have to shape the world, so even sharing this with three more friends, coworkers, or colleagues helps a lot.

Thanks for coming along this journey with us. If you have any questions about using copywriting, graphic design, and technology to grow your business, please hit me up! Just email matt@getanawesomejob.com to get in touch.

Think bigger today,

Matt Hall