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Elvis vs The Clash

“We have a very vigorous kindergarten program.” That’s what Mika and I were told about my son’s future kindergarten, which he starts in the fall. And if you know me at all, you can imagine how much “rigorous kindergarten” scared me.

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Why it’s hard learning something new in your 30s

At the dawn of middle age, I feel like I’m just coming into my real self. “I’ve always been a middle-aged dad at heart” has become one of my go-to icebreakers. Many things – like having a little bit of money, trimming down social circles to true friends, knowing who I am and what I like – feel great. But the hardest thing is maybe impostor syndrome. Why does it feel so difficult to learn new things once you’re grown?

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UX Isn’t the Destination: Navigating the Impending Decline of UX

During a recent training I gave for Copyhackers, someone asked me, “Where do you see the future of UX going as a field?” “I think we’re already seeing the end of UX as a separate discipline,” I responded. If the rise and fall of trendy disciplines is a wave, UX is right past its crest. But that doesn’t mean it’s going away.

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