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Why it’s hard learning something new in your 30s

At the dawn of middle age, I feel like I’m just coming into my real self. “I’ve always been a middle-aged dad at heart” has become one of my go-to icebreakers. Many things – like having a little bit of money, trimming down social circles to true friends, knowing who I am and what I like – feel great. But the hardest thing is maybe impostor syndrome. Why does it feel so difficult to learn new things once you’re grown?

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UX Isn’t the Destination: Navigating the Impending Decline of UX

During a recent training I gave for Copyhackers, someone asked me, “Where do you see the future of UX going as a field?” “I think we’re already seeing the end of UX as a separate discipline,” I responded. If the rise and fall of trendy disciplines is a wave, UX is right past its crest. But that doesn’t mean it’s going away.

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Technology Progresses Art and Marketing, But Humans Stay the Same

The annual best wildlife photography was announced recently, and it’s stunning. What struck me most, however, wasn’t the animals. (No, not even the cartoonishly-scared groundhog running on two legs from a coyote.) No, I felt most impressed by how the photos themselves reflect the state of image capture technology. Which directly relates to how you tell your OWN story.

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