Announcing English Major Jobs 101: A Complete Update of the Job Course

After spending over a year getting feedback from English majors, professors, and professionals, I’m pleased to announce something. English Major Jobs 101: Everything You Need To Know About Finding A Job You Love is now live. Now you can quickly access the best job prep resources for English majors on any device. It’s also an important step forward for what’s coming next.

What’s Different?

Before, The English Major’s Guide to Getting a Job was a downloadable PDF. It was filled with great information, but some of that information was difficult to view.

Now, English Major Jobs 101 is a completely web-based course. That means it looks great on any screen size:

This also gives us great flexibility to add rich content. We can embed videos and links right in the text – no more awkwardly referring you to a URL in a PDF.

Another big change is the navigation. With the learning management system, you can now keep track of which content you’ve already seen, making it easy to continue where you left off.

It makes finding the content you actually want to read much easier to discover.

Speaking of quick content discovery, there’s a completely new Quick Starts section where you can find relevant content by topic.

This helps you easily access our best content and help you prepare for a job.

What’s Next?

All of this work is to prepare for more upcoming content. I’m currently wrapping up a course to help English majors begin freelance writing. It’ll include everything you need to know to negotiate with clients, deliver professional work, and begin your career – even if you’re still a student.

I’m also preparing a quick course to jobs in education that aren’t teaching. If you’re like me, you love the mission of education. But the overabundance of English graduates means it’s really hard to land a teaching job. In this new course, I’ll share the abundant ways you can contribute to the mission of education without spending years in adjunct poverty.

By taking the time to build out this platform, English Major’s Guide is positioned to meet the goal of becoming the world’s best career resource for English majors.

How You Can Help

Right now, I want to make this site as useful as possible. If you have any suggestions for improvement or ideas that could make the site better, let me know! I’m eager to help you on your journey any way I can.

Thanks for taking the time to see what’s new at English Major’s Guide. Get English Major Jobs 101 right now, or join our free Member Library for some free resources.

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