A Quick Tip for Better-Designed copy

What’s my secret to writing high-converting copy for landing pages, emails, and other designed marketing materials?

When I write landing page copy, I’m usually SHOCKED at how wordy it looks once it goes into design. What feels short on the page looks almost unreadable.

I know Gary Halbert threatened any designer who dared edit his copy…

…But unless you can WRITE like Gary did, you can probably cut down your copy.

In fact, shorter, simpler copy often works better. You’re forced to be more clear and direct. (And more readers might actually finish reading it.)

Here’s my rule of thumb:

Cut your copy in half.

Then cut it in half again.

You’ll be forced to keep only the best copy, almost always resulting in a higher-converting page. (Plus, designers will love not having to jam too much copy into their beautiful, conversion-focused designs.)


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