The 5-Step Process to Getting Awesome Jobs for Life

If you feel overworked, under-appreciated, and under-paid at your current job, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to get more interviews, spot sleazy employers, and finally earn enough to stop stressing about bills. It’s easier than you might think… and we’re here to guide you through it.

Get An Awesome Job’s 5 Steps to Doing Work You Love (And Getting Paid Better than Ever Before)

Stop working for ego-driven managers or tightwad bosses. Start taking control of your career and working on your terms. It’s time to start managing your career the right way.

What are the steps to live a project-based career?

Get An Awesome Job is all about taking a project-based approach to your career. Instead of thinking of your work and value as your job title, it’s about thinking of your value as the measurable contributions you’ve made.


Cultivate a value-based mindset of abundance


Identify what employers really want


Develop an in-demand skillset


Demonstrate your abilities and value


Always think ahead

Why These Steps Work

Everything you’ve been taught about managing your career is based on old information. Like, really old information… like “how classified job postings worked 300 YEARS ago”. The advice your professors and high school guidance counselors gave you doesn’t fully represent the modern tools and approach used by today’s employers.

This approach represents a major shift in how we think about our careers. As the average amount of time spent at a job decreases, and as contract and temporary jobs increase, you’ll need to get better than average to beat the rush.

With these steps, you’ll get in a mindset to always be on the lookout for your next opportunity. Your day-to-day work will take on new meaning. 

You’ll think ahead about how today’s project will be tomorrow’s interview-winning resume builder. 

And you’ll start being more strategic about how you’ll finally get the exciting, high-paying, satisfying roles you desire.

Want guidance?

If you’re looking for a little more detail on how you can achieve this approach, check out the Get An Awesome Job Course. It’s 58 modules of practical, detailed guidance showing you how to put these steps into practice. We’ve designed it to help you increase your salary by 10% or more.

Step 1: Cultivate a value-based mindset of abundance

In this first step, your goal is to start un-training your mind from the limits placed on it by decades of formal education and people saying “You should be grateful for any job you can get.” Because the truth is, there is abundant opportunity out there if you know how to approach it. You just need to start being aware of just how many companies need talented workers like you.

You also need to start viewing your work not as a string of job titles, but a series of projects. This way, you think about your resume experience as a list of stories within each job… and you start thinking about the measurable value each project created for your client or employer.

Step 2: Identify what employers really want

Once you’re aware of how many exciting, high-paying jobs are out there, it’s now time to begin honing in on specific opportunities. This requires that you start thinking about job postings not as ways for employers to grow teams, but to solve their problems.

As you think about what problem an employer is trying to solve with a specific job posting, you’ll naturally tailor your application. But this approach is smarter – it shows you how to think even further ahead by thinking about how you can develop in-demand skills using an employer’s own job postings as a roadmap.

Step 3: Develop an in-demand skillset

Now that you know what specific skills employers want, it’s time to learn them. Almost every skill can be learned for free online. And often, your employer will pay you to learn new skills while you go about your everyday work. It’s like always being in a high-paid internship that’s preparing you for your next role.

Step 4: Demonstrate your abilities and value

When you find a job that’s a good fit for your interests, salary requirements, and skills, you have to craft a remarkable application. The good news is 85% of job applications are total garbage, and the other 15% isn’t that great most of the time. Following a few simple principles helps you create an application that gets past the hiring manager so you can make it to the first interview.

As you get better at demonstrating your abilities and value, you’ll get more interviews. This means you’ll have ample opportunity to pick and choose which job offers and companies you want to pursue. When you have that freedom, your career is truly in your hands. This gives you an unshakeable confidence that even if you get laid off or need to quit a job, you’ll be able to find an even better gig.

Step 5: Always think ahead

Once you’ve landed a new gig and are doing good work, congratulate yourself! But don’t stop thinking ahead. In the long run, every job is temporary. By always thinking about your next move, you’ll choose projects at work that help tell a better story to your next employer. And you’ll keep track of the work you do in a way that makes it easy to craft your next resume.

Who Created Get An Awesome Job?

As a trained conversion copywriter, Matt (an MBA) was an expert at using psychology and persuasion to have an abundance of job opportunities. He realized that too many smart, hardworking, decent people struggled to find meaningful work. 

For years, Matt helped aspiring professionals identify the skills they need to land awesome jobs. Now he’s packaged all of my experience – both being hired as an employee and as a hiring manager seeking his own team members – into a practical, step-by-step course designed to help people feel empowered.

By creating the Get An Awesome Job Course, Matt helps good people like you send a clear message to employers: “If you want to hire the best, you’ll need to step up your game, too.” His job-hunting steps shared on this site have helped hundreds of people improve their careers and think smarter about how to do better work.  

Because when you know you can get another awesome job, no matter what the economy’s like, you have the power to create the life you want and do the work you were born to do.

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