“I can’t believe I get paid for this!”

We help people who write, design, and create for a living do more work they love for higher pay.

For creative professionals – copywriters, graphic designers, UX folk, content strategists...

Aren't you tired of unethical losers calling the shots? Me too.

So often, succeeding as a creative professional feels like a compromise.

“Sure, I get to work on cool projects… but my boss is a sexist.”

“Yeah, I love my co-workers… but I don’t like that we’re staying until 7 every night.”

“I really, really love working with my clients… but I’ll never pay off my student loans at this rate.”

Again and again, creatives seem to end up in less-than-ideal gigs where they’re:

  • Underpaid
  • Undervalued
  • Overworked

It’s time for this to change.

You can learn how to take control of your creative career

By learning just a few key skills, creative professionals can retake control from their employers. This means:

  • More pay
  • Respect from clients and employers
  • Sustainable, burnout-free working hours
  • Ethical work assignments

But you weren’t taught how to do this in school. In fact, your professors probably had no idea how to compete for work in today’s economy. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it out alone.

At Get An Awesome Job, you’ll learn the 5-step method to finding work that fits YOU

When you apply the 5 simple steps taught here, you’ll become the creative director for your own career. 

Want to go freelance for a while without sacrificing your ability to go back to full-time work? You got it.

Need a full-time gig for the benefits or stability for a while? Sure thing. 

Tired of working with clients whose projects you just don’t care about? We got you. Hit the button to get our free mini-course where we show you how to apply these steps.


Cultivate a value-based mindset of abundance


Identify what employers really want


Develop an in-demand skillset


Demonstrate your abilities and value


Always think ahead

Build yourself to create a better world

Copywriters, graphic designers, UX professionals, content strategists, and other creative professionals have built the modern world. The apps, services, and websites that shape society literally wouldn’t be possible without our work.

It’s time to claim our right to build things that make our world better. And we can only do that when we have the confidence to say “No” to bad work.

When you know that you can get another, better job… 

Or switch to-and-from freelancing at any time…

And still have money left over after the bills are paid…

…Then you have the power to do work that matters. That makes sure we’re lifting up the oppressed. And not forgetting the marginalized. All while sticking it to bastard bosses who’d wish we wouldn’t be so brave.

Is this approach viable? You bet.

Not only does the approach shared here work, it works better than the typical job-seeking approach. 

Average Interview Rate: 20%

Our Interview Rate: 80%

That's 4 times more interviews than the national average

Learn to navigate this new, exciting world of work.

Focused on You

You’re like the CEO of your own career. An investment in yourself is the smartest way to improve your career.

Practical, Timeless Training

Even when the world changes, the approaches and strategies we share keep you competitive and in-demand throughout your career.

Thinking Bigger

As people like you demand ethical working situations, employers will learn they need to play along to win the best. That helps provide more inclusive opportunities for the next generation of work.

Fits the New Economy

Jumping between full-time and freelancing not only fits the new economy better than traditional career paths, it’s more profitable and fun, too.

Get the 5-Day Mini Course

Whether you want more freelance gigs or a new full-time job, our 5-day mini course will show you how to position yourself, determine the right rates/salary, hop between full-time/freelance at will, and more.

"I may be a good designer, but if I don't watch myself, I'll get left behind. I have to challenge myself to question if something is possible and take the time to learn to do it. (Which I can forget with everything I do at work!)"
Eva Hansen
Graphic Designer