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Jobs Are Changing – But Most People Aren't Ready

By 2022, over 40% of jobs will be freelance or contract based. This means going forward, people are more likely to change jobs more frequently.

For those who can learn the skills needed to adapt... this is great news. Because every time you change a job, it’s an opportunity to increase your income.

But for those who are still applying for jobs like it’s the 90s... they’re going to be stuck in jobs where they're underpaid and their talents are unappreciated.

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Get more interviews, get your pick of awesome jobs.

At Get an Awesome Job, we help working professionals learn the tactics to feel confident in their ability to find jobs they’ll love. This helps them be more attractive to potential employers, get more interviews, and bravely do their best work. And if their bosses don’t appreciate their great work? They know how to move onto a new team where their contributions are valued.

Over years of both applying for and hiring jobs, we’ve identified a proven method to get more interviews. This lets job hunters be more selective and thus find better career opportunities.

Even in uncertain times, the best companies are still hiring.

And if you learn the techniques to identify, develop, and properly demonstrate in-demand skills, you can still feel confident about creating the great life you deserve.

Who founded
Get An Awesome Job?

In 2014, after completing a graduate degree, Get An Awesome Job founder Matt Hall noticed a problem with modern education. The advice given to students by well-meaning instructors wasn't just outdated... it was keeping many talented, smart people from getting jobs.

This contributed to a culture where many employers didn’t value their team members. Matt decided to help empower the talented, decent people who want to do their best work by creating Get An Awesome Job. This site provides modern professionals with the training, strategies, and tactics to land awesome jobs.

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Learn How I Get 8 Interviews for Every 10 Job Applications

Have you ever heard stories of people sending out hundreds of resumes… without getting a single interview? Sending out interviews into the void and getting nothing back is a terrible feeling.

But there’s a better way, and it’s one that helps talented professionals find even better gigs.

The secret to getting the right job starts with getting the interview. After years of experimenting, I’ve developed a method that’s helped others and me, on average, get 4 times as many interviews

That means getting an 80% interview response rate when the average for most people is only 16-20%!

Would you be more selective if you got 8 interviews for every 10 applications you sent out? I bet you would. 😉


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