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For years, it felt like you had to choose between full-time and freelance work. But now everything’s changed. Most creative professionals – including copywriters, graphic designers, UX designers, and others – often bounce between traditional 9-5 employment and freelance/contract gigs.

The truth has never been more apparent: every job is temporary. This means jobs and freelance gigs are… well, basically the same: temporary working arrangements that will end someday. (Jobs just feel more permanent, even though anyone could get laid off tomorrow.) Once you realize this, and you know that someday you’ll leave your current job, suddenly you hold the power, not your employer. 

That means you’re in a better position to negotiate better pay, fair benefits, and an ethical workplace

(And if your client or employer doesn’t want to go along with it, you can walk. Because you know there’s always more work to do with ethical clients and employers… even in the most challenging of times.)

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You’re like the CEO of your own career. An investment in yourself is the smartest way to improve your career.

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As people like you demand ethical working situations, employers will learn they need to play along to win the best. That helps provide more inclusive opportunities for the next generation of work.

Fits the New Economy

Jumping between full-time and freelancing not only fits the new economy better than traditional career paths, it’s more profitable and fun, too.

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Whether you want more freelance gigs or a new full-time job, our 5-day mini course will show you how to position yourself, determine the right rates/salary, hop between full-time/freelance at will, and more.

"I may be a good designer, but if I don't watch myself, I'll get left behind. I have to challenge myself to question if something is possible and take the time to learn to do it. (Which I can forget with everything I do at work!)"
Eva Hansen
Graphic Designer